Cutting-Edge Veterinary Ultrasound Technology

A & E Medical Systems

We offer a diverse line of veterinary ultrasound systems by Samsung, E.I. Medical Imaging, and Soundwave.

Custom-Made Ultrasound Accessories That Extend the Life of Your Ultrasound Equipment and Protect it From the Harsh Environments of Veterinary Use

Our extensive experience working with veterinary ultrasound inspired us to design a line of products that help your equipment perform better and last longer. Our ultrasound accessories are custom-designed for a wide-range of machines, including Hitachi Aloka, E.I. Medical Imaging, Mindray, and SonoSite. 

Personalized Service and Support

As ultrasound specialists with over 14 years of experience, we work individually with you to find the right ultrasound at the right price. 

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